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Wrestling Cheers is about independent professional wrestling in the Northeast Ohio area. We preview and review shows, with a few sprinkled interviews in between. When not podcasting, we can be found on our social media pages producing live results for shows we attend. (Live Tweets and Twitter and exclusive Instagram Story videos)

Being Fans of AIW #7 (Discussion)

June 17, 2020

On this episode, We continue with more of our discussions about AIW. Join Justin (@HeavyseT330), Brock (@Smokin_JaysBBQ), and Thriftstorejobber (@TSJobber) as they talk about their origins as fans, and some of the many things they love about it.

Topics discussed:

-What was our intro to AIW?

-What was our first AIW show?

-What stuck out at that show?

-First impression of AIW?

-First friend we made at a show?

-What do we love about AIW?

-Favorite yearly show?

-Favorite show(s), match(es), moment(s), and special guest(s)?


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